Experience Not Required

Gene's Rainbow

There are few things more enjoyable than helping someone catch their first trout on tenkara.  When that first day out results in a photo-op with  a quality fish like this one, that’s a good day.  Fortunately we had a number of “warm-up” fish before this porker came knocking and ran into a happy tenkara first-timer who was more than up to the task.   Patience, good fighting tactics and yes, a little good fortune make almost any trout catch-able on tenkara.  That doesn’t mean you catch ’em all…but we caught this one!

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1 Response to Experience Not Required

  1. Absolutely, I think, fishing is a hobby. It’s not required experience fisher. An inexpert person can also catch fish. I remember there was a memory, I could not catch fish well. But my father helped me well. Since then, I couldn’t take help from anyone for catch fish. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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