You Can’t Teach That!

amazing first

Some folks can cast really well, some folks can read the water, some folks have great technique but some folks can just catch fish.  Call it mojo, call it karma, call it what you want but when you come across it as a guide, get your net ready.  Today I was with just such an angler, the delightful young lady pictured.  Her first fish ever on a fly was a beautiful 20″ Brown Trout (see picture below with her proud dad.)  She caught it on her first cast…seriously.  After a wonderful morning of catching many more admittedly slightly smaller Rainbows, she book-ended her first day of tenkara fishing with a 21″ Brown (see picture above with her proud guide!)

amazing last

Dad held his own though (see picture below) and like me spent much of the morning smiling, watching and taking pictures.  What a great day!


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1 Response to You Can’t Teach That!

  1. Casey Church says:

    That first catch certainly brought us closer… Till I heard her growl that I was crowding her spot!

    Thanks for a fantastic day John!

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