Stream Leopards


I couldn’t help but notice that big, beautiful Brown Trout have featured prominently in my last few posts.   Yesterday we caught two more 20 inchers which got us talking about this popular fly fishing quarry.  Although wild populations exist across the U.S., the Brown Trout is not native to North America.  Like many of us, it is descended from European stock.  The Brown Trout came to America in 1884 when a New York fish farmer imported eggs from Germany.  It’s scientific name (salmo trutta) is a hint that it is much more closely related to the Atlantic Salmon (salmo salar) than the native trout of North America.   We were certainly happy to meet these two piscatorial immigrants yesterday.  They put our tenkara skills to the test and are now back in the stream, hopefully for a future encounter!


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1 Response to Stream Leopards

  1. Steve Kearns says:

    Awesome day, John!!! Hoped to catch fish but with your guidance surpassed all expectations. Can’t thank you enough.

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