Persistence Pays!


I wouldn’t have thought it possible but we  managed to get in a morning of fishing in between yesterday’s thunderstorms and today’s.  Rivers come up quickly here in WNC but luckily, they tend to recede the same way.    When it looked like we’d have a chance to save 1/2 a day, we jumped on it.  As you can see, it was well worth the effort.  These two good friends (and good tenkara anglers) made the most of the opportunity.  Check out those smiles!


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1 Response to Persistence Pays!

  1. Kip Pritchard says:

    DEFINITELY “A day well lived”!! If you are looking to see the best WNC has to offer and catch some serious fish…Tenkara with John Miko is the way to go! Can NOT wait to get back out there!!!

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