Connecting the Dots


If you’re a reasonably sane person you might wonder why I seem to get so excited about fishing for native Brook Trout.  After all, they’re tiny when you compare them to some of the fish we catch fall through spring.   You don’t catch as many and it seems like a lot of effort by comparison.  For me the appeal comes from three things:

  1.  You have put in the effort.  Unlike some of our Delayed Harvest streams, you can’t just drive to the river and throw your line in.  You’ve got to lace up your boots and keep walking until you’re in the wild.   That can be a long walk.
  2. It’s said that trout live in beautiful places.  If that’s true, then native Brook Trout live in unbelievably beautiful places.  Simply being in those places is a joy.
  3. In order to catch a wild Brookie you have to do everything right.  Be in the right place, have the right fly, make the right cast with the right presentation and be ready when the lighting fast take comes.  One mistake and you’ve missed them.  Zero margin for error.

I was always taught that things that easily are often undervalued, unappreciated or taken for granted.  The things you prize are the things you have to earn.  That is the ultimate appeal of angling for Brook Trout…every one is earned.

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