Payin’ it Back


I spent the day yesterday up in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park volunteering with their tremendous fisheries team.  The GSMNP is a model nationwide for it’s impressive, science based management of it’s cold-water fisheries.  Yesterday we were doing a  stream survey using electro-shocking technology.  Fish are momentarily stunned, identified and logged to monitor the biodiversity of each stream.  Yesterday we found Brown and Rainbow trout, as well as Central Stone Rollers, Mottled Sculpins, Long- Nosed Dace, Black Nosed Dace, Crayfish and we kicked up some pretty impressive Stone Fly Nymphs as well.    Next time you’re out trout fishing, don’t forget to pause and appreciate the many other wonderful creatures that make up a healthy stream.  If you have a chance to volunteer with local conservation efforts, do it!   You’ll find it an incredible learning experience, as well as a chance to help take care of our precious outdoor resources.

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