I Hiked Five Miles and All I Got…

happy camperWe have all been conditioned to measure angling success in terms of fish size and quantity.  Trust me, we’ve been misled.  The best fish is the one that leads to the best experience and that has nothing to do with fish size or numbers.  Our native Brook Trout is absolute proof of that.  Beautiful, elusive, spooky and always hidden deep in the beauty of the Appalachian forests, it provides, in my humble opinion, the best angling we have in our region.  Yesterday we spent the day scrambling up the streams of the National Forest and were rewarded, but only when we did everything right, with the chance to catch, admire and release some of these rare jewels.  Hike five miles to catch a six inch fish?  Sign me up any time!


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1 Response to I Hiked Five Miles and All I Got…

  1. Kip Pritchard says:

    A most awesome experience! Thanks John for showing me your secret place! The in-stream rock scrambles alone would have made for a great day BUT sneaking up on pool after beautiful pool for the chance to catch a beautiful brook trout….priceless!

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