Back in the Saddle (Yet) Again!

Mixed Double!

I am happy to report that the orthopedist has cleared me to resume all of my normal (and abnormal) activities. I’m sorry to be so long in coming back but as it turned out, in addition to my collar bone I had also broken my second rib on the left side and sprained my left AC (shoulder) joint. Regardless, I’m better now and booking trips. Thank you everyone for your support and well wishes.

I used my friend and neighbor as a “test client” last week and he landed this really cool “mixed double” on one cast. I often fish a two-fly rig and occasionally a client will hook two trout at the same time. Landing them both is rare since the back fish tends to pull the hook out of the front fish but it does occasionally happen. I’ve never had someone land a trout and a Smallie on one cast though. It’s fun to be back on the water!

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