The Best Time to Fish…is When You Can!

Usually when I guide a half day, it’s in the morning. But that inconvenient reality called work made that impossible for the smiling angler above. So we did what any true anglers would do under those circumstances, we fished the afternoon! As so often happens with fishing, our “Plan B” turned out better than we could have ever hoped for a “Plan A.” The day had warmed, the weather was beautiful and if other folks had been on the stream during the morning, they left more than a few untouched for us. The bottom line is that (as long as it’s safe) there is no bad time to go fishing!

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1 Response to The Best Time to Fish…is When You Can!

  1. Hampton Howell says:

    Absolutely fantastic day on the water with John! I would highly recommend getting on some water with him. Even if you aren’t into Tenkara (yet) you should give it a shot. I love Tenkara and also love fishing with a reel. I learned a lot of finesse and nuance with John, and put it to use a couple of days later with another successful solo day in the water. Besides being a great guide, he is just an all around good dude. Enjoy!

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