What a Difference a Week Makes!

Last Saturday we rescheduled a trip in the face of temps in the 20’s, winds to 30kts and blowing snow. Yesterday we got that trip in and our good judgement was rewarded with this beautiful Rainbow and many others. It was calm, sunny and in the 60’s. That’s the crazy nature of March fishing. Knowing when to exercise discretion and when to go for it is an important part of angling. I have two basic rules: conditions have to be safe and it has to be fun. The exact criteria to meet these standards vary from angler to angler. Part of becoming an angler is learning what your limits for fun and safety are and fishing within them. As long as we are good stewards of our streams and the fish that live in them, there will always be another chance to go fishing. Mother nature gave us ours, and I’m glad we waited!

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