A Tale of Two Trout


In angling terms, catching an amazing fish like this on tenkara is truly, “The best of times.”   Tenkara is not really intended to catch fish this size but with good technique (and a little good fortune), it can be done.  The truth is though, that for every picture like this, there is probably a story about the fish that  got away and in doing so taught us the lesson that made landing the next one possible.   It usually takes a few tries to get your first, really big fish to the net.   Successful fish fighting on tenkara requires good tactics, touch, anticipation and agility.  These things come only through practice.  The great thing is that the only way to practice is to go tenkara fishing.  So get out there and go for it!

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Oh Brother!


Last April I  wrote about a father and two sons who were kind enough to join me for some tenkara fishing.  We fished two days in a row and had an absolute blast.  There was another brother who couldn’t be there and I said I hoped he’d  make it the next time….well, he did and what a morning it was.  These guys didn’t just get the “Appalachian Slam” of Brookie, Brown, Rainbow.   They did it with some major gusto.  Check out these fish.  They were unbelievable!  There were a lot more in between that on a normal day would have been more than photo-worthy.  The guys are all coming back to Asheville  for a family wedding in October…I’m getting my net ready!


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Fishing Friends


It’s always fun to do things with friends but it’s particularly fun to try out new things with friends.  It was my great pleasure to help that happen today when these two amigas decided to give tenkara a whirl.  As you can see, it turns out they’re both natural born tenkara anglers.  We caught fine fish all morning but this one was the best of them.  An epic battle ended just the way we like, with smiles and a photo op.  If you’ve been thinking about trying tenkara…do it…and bring a friend!

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Appalachian Bonefish?


Well, not exactly.  This handsome native to our local streams is a Red Horse Sucker…and a pretty big one.   They are active in the streams right now as they spawn in the spring when water temp reaches about 54 degrees Fahrenheit.   They are strong, heavy and as unlikely as it may seem, jump like crazy when hooked.  They can really be a handful.  This tenkara ace was more than up to the challenge, but we did do a bit of running up and down stream before getting the net under him!  We returned the golden beauty safely to the river and were rewarded with more than our share of  his more genteel, trout cousins.  What a cool fish!


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A Sign From the Tenkara Gods?


Do you sometimes think that somebody, somewhere is trying to send you a message?After some blustery weather blew through yesterday my wife and I went for a walk. At one point she suddenly she stopped and picked up this twig that had been shaken down from above.  “Hey, that looks like a Kebari fly!” she said.    Now I’m not normally a superstitious guy, but even I can recognize a sign that obvious.  I’m going tenkara fishing!

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Stream Leopards


I couldn’t help but notice that big, beautiful Brown Trout have featured prominently in my last few posts.   Yesterday we caught two more 20 inchers which got us talking about this popular fly fishing quarry.  Although wild populations exist across the U.S., the Brown Trout is not native to North America.  Like many of us, it is descended from European stock.  The Brown Trout came to America in 1884 when a New York fish farmer imported eggs from Germany.  It’s scientific name (salmo trutta) is a hint that it is much more closely related to the Atlantic Salmon (salmo salar) than the native trout of North America.   We were certainly happy to meet these two piscatorial immigrants yesterday.  They put our tenkara skills to the test and are now back in the stream, hopefully for a future encounter!


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Big Fish, Big Fly…Not


You may have heard this axiom from time to time but when it comes to trout, don’t you believe it.  It would be nice if things were that simple but the world of a trout is far more complicated.  That’s what makes fly fishing so challenging and fun.  These two 20″ beauties didn’t mind going out of their way to take midge patterns.   This was after refusing a variety of other, juicier options.  Elephants eat peanuts, if they can get enough to make it worth their while.


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