Summer Closeout?

sweet brookie

In the high ground the leaves are already falling, temperatures are cool and summer is clearly coming to an end.  Perhaps this gorgeous, native Brookie was an end of season special.   If so, it was a great way to end a wonderful, cool, moist summer.  It puts our lower streams in great shape for the beginning of our Delayed Harvest season.  Fish are plentiful, access is easier and the fishing is much more forgiving to newcomers.  All that said,  I’ll miss the wild.

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Paying It Forward


I recently had the great pleasure of volunteering my services at an outdoor-focused summer camp for local teens.  Along with some fellow Trout Unlimited members we spent the morning introducing a dozen local youngsters to the fun of fly fishing.  I, of course, used tenkara.  The two young ladies I was with had a great morning catching an interesting mix of warm water species plus one Brown trout and one Rainbow…pretty good for two first time fly fishers!   Whether you are an expert, or a beginner, there are few better ways to ensure the future of our sport than to take the time to fish with a youngster.  It’s good fun and good karma.

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Being There…Without Being There


A wonderful day up in Brook Trout country on Friday got me to thinking about why Brookie fishing is such a fun and calming challenge.  There are lots of technical things you could cite as crucial but to me it really boils down to a something of a dichotomy:  In order to succeed you have to be as mentally present as you can, while at the same time being as physically not present as you can.  It sounds weird but it means you have to be absolutely focused on nothing but the stream, the fly, the fish.   As the situation becomes everything to you,  you strive to become nothing to the situation.  Ideally, you want everything to be as though you weren’t even there; no sound, no shadow, nothing.  I don’t know, but it seems like there must be something healthy about  an activity that rewards you for maximizing the importance of everything around you and minimizing the significance of your presence in it.  I can’t be sure…but I know it makes you smile.



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Up, Up and Away!


That’s uphill, upstream and away from the “things of man.”  You know summer has truly begun in Asheville when the kids get out of school,  the fireflies start blinking and the out of state license plates outnumber the in-state.  That’s my signal to head for Brook Trout country.  We did just that on Saturday and it was wonderful.  Check out the pictures above and below and you’ll see why I love my job!


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My Best Day on the Water…Every Year


For the past decade, on the first Saturday in June, I have had the great privilege of being the Tournament Director for the Mossy Creek Invitational, a fundraiser and fishing tournament for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. PHWFF is a non-profit dedicated to using fly fishing and fly fishing related activities as therapeutic tools to aid in the recovery of our wounded warriors and disabled veterans. Our goal at the Mossy Creek Invitational is to generate funds for the organization and fun for the participants. This, our tenth anniversary was maybe the best ever. We were blessed with great weather, great fishing and wonderful participants, sponsors and volunteers. When the day was done we had raised $241,000 for PHWFF.  I’m still buzzing with the emotion of the day.  You can share in that buzz by checking out and becoming a part of the incredible, lifesaving work they do. No matter how much you give, it’s a small thing compared to what these brave men and women have given for us.

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Small is the New Big


Yesterday we headed up into wild Brook Trout water for the first time this spring.  Flows were a little high but the  Mountain Laurel was blooming, the butterflies were everywhere and the fish were happy to take any well presented fly.  I was with a skilled tenkara veteran and we actually fished with the same fly all day.  It fooled this beauty while we were laying flat on our stomachs on a truck sized boulder and casting down 10′ into a pool.  We were really gettin’ our tenkara on.  My muscles are a little sore this morning from all the hiking, climbing and four point scrambling but it sure was nice to get back in the wild.



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Hey, I Caught a Fish!


Many thanks to all of the wonderful people who have  come fishing with Unreel Fly Fishing this spring!   You guys and gals are awesome and I hugely appreciate your business, your support and your friendship. I’ve been so busy netting fish for all you tenkara aces that I hardly had a chance to pick up a rod.  Well today I did and I got one!  I know,  it’s probably not as big as some of yours, but I wanted to show you a picture anyway.  Very shortly we’ll be shifting gears and hiking up to catch native Brook Trout…you only need one hand for those little guys but we sure love ’em anyway.

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