Fun Before the Storm


Here’s a little Unreel Fly Fishing pop quiz:

What should you do when you’ve got a big winter storm coming?
a. Stock up on groceries
b. Fill your car with Gas
c. Make sure you have fresh batteries in your flashlight
d. Go fishing!

The honest answer is probably “All of the above” but yesterday we started with “Go fishing!”  As you can see, it was a good decision.  28 degrees doesn’t feel so cold when you’re catching amazing fish like these.  We had a delightful morning and still got home in time to get ready for whatever mother nature has in store for western North Carolina this weekend.



Don’t forget that trout need to be cold and wet.    That makes this a great time of year to give me a call.  Let’s bundle up and  go catch some!

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Cold…Who’s Cold?


We’ve had an unusually cool November so far and yesterday morning was no exception.  Starting temps in the upper 20’s and a little bit of ice on the rod and rig were sure signs that winter is getting closer.  Hot coffee, dressing properly and making sure your boots aren’t too tight all help but nothing warms you up like catching fish.  It’s amazing how quickly a solid take and a good bend in the tenkara rod can make you forget all about how chilly you were just moments before.   The idea of being warmed by cold blooded trout probably flies in the face of the laws of thermodynamics but trust me….it works!

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His and Hers Rainbows!


What could be more fun than spending a day sharing new experiences and having new adventures with a loved one?  Answer: Nothing!    That’s why when I take pictures of wonderful people like these I never have to tell them to smile.  I had an awesome morning  with these tenkara first-timers yesterday in spite of a 34 degree starting temperature.  It’s amazing how the feeling of catching your first fish on tenkara can warm you up.   Next time you’re thinking of buying a guided trip as a gift, do yourself and your partner a favor,  make it for two!

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Three Generations of Tenkara Aces!


Family fishing is my favorite fishing and today was as good as it gets.  I had the privilege of guiding this awesome grandfather, father and son/grandson trio for a busy day on the stream.  We caught variety, quantity and as you can see, some serious quality.  When you land a beautiful trout like the one above, everybody should get in the picture!   Thank you guys for letting me join in on the fun.

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Fish with a Friend


What better way to spend time with friends than in the outdoors?  Combine good company,  fall colors and few cooperative trout and you’ve got a perfect tenkara morning!  That’s exactly what we had yesterday when one tenkara angler decided to introduce a bass fishing buddy to the fun and simplicity of trout fishing with tenkara.  As you can see by the smiles it was fun for everyone.  Now that’s what are friends for!


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Fall Fun

fall fun

It’s been a while coming but it would appear that autumn is finally arriving here in the mountains.  Yesterday it was 39 degrees when we waded in with our tenkara rods. The fall colors were breaking out and the fish were biting.  Our hatchery supported streams have all received fish  and some of them are pretty good size!  The day did warm beautifully and we hiked up to brook trout water in the afternoon where we found good numbers of local natives ready to grab a dry fly.  Good company, lunch in the warm sun and a low overflight by a bald eagle rounded out what was pretty much a perfect fall day here in WNC.  I can’t wait to get out again.

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That’s a Long Way for a Brookie!


If you follow my posts you’ll know I respect the effort it takes to find and catch our elusive native Brook Trout.  The angler pictured above and below  is a great friend of mine and definitely deserves special recognition.  He came all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand to get the beauty pictured  below.  Okay, maybe he didn’t come just just to catch a Brook Trout…but he did that, too!  If you’re wondering, no, I don’t typically guide barefoot.  It’s a long story I’ll tell you the next time we go fishing.


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