About Tenkara

Tenkara is a centuries-old Japanese method of fly fishing  that is gaining  popularity in the west every day. A fixed line is attached to the tip of the long, flexible tenkara rod.  A tippet and fly are attached to the other end of the line and voilá! You are tenkara fly fishing!

tenkara picture

If you are new to fly fishing, tenkara is a less complicated, cheaper and easier way to learn.  I used to employ tenkara as a “fall back” way of helping beginners get on fish when they were frustrated and  struggling with the difficulty of mastering western-style fly casting.  Now, I just skip the struggle and go straight to helping people catch fish and have fun on tenkara.

If you are a more experienced fly angler, you will quickly appreciate the incredible accuracy, drift management and presentation flexibility that tenkara provides.  You will find yourself picking a stream apart with your newfound ability to effectively fish every pocket and seam and enjoy the advanced challenge of landing big fish without a reel to help you wear them down.

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Tenkara has something to offer everyone.  Come give it a try!