Appalachian Bonefish?


Well, not exactly.  This handsome native to our local streams is a Red Horse Sucker…and a pretty big one.   They are active in the streams right now as they spawn in the spring when water temp reaches about 54 degrees Fahrenheit.   They are strong, heavy and as unlikely as it may seem, jump like crazy when hooked.  They can really be a handful.  This tenkara ace was more than up to the challenge, but we did do a bit of running up and down stream before getting the net under him!  We returned the golden beauty safely to the river and were rewarded with more than our share of  his more genteel, trout cousins.  What a cool fish!


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1 Response to Appalachian Bonefish?

  1. Josh Wright says:

    This was truly a great trip! We weren’t sure what the day would hold with less than ideal river conditions, but John proved what a pro he is and put me in position and gave me the tools plus the knowledge to catch a bunch of fish. As a newbie the Tenkara I was looking for someone to give me the knowledge and teach me the skills to catch trout using a tenkara rod and John far exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much for a great trip!

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