Catch the Brookie Bug


Who would hike 4 miles and spend  hours crawling over boulders to catch a little fish like this?  I would!  And so would the smiling tenkara ace picture below.  You might think that’s crazy and it is…crazy fun.   You’re looking at a true jewel of the Appalachians, the Brook Trout.   It is our only native “trout” here in Western North Carolina and it’s not even really a trout (it’s a Char.)  They depend on clean, cool water and sadly, that’s not available in as many places as it once was.  If you’re going to have the chance to catch, marvel at (and please release!) one of these beauties you’re going to have to work for it.  If you’d like to give it a go, grab your day-pack, fill up your water bottle and give me a call.  I’m ready when you are.


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