Goals are Good


I will always ask clients what they hope to get out of our fishing time together.  Answers are as varied as people themselves.  “Catch a fish” is probably the most common aspiration but many folks also have general goals related to learning stream tactics, finding new fishing waters,  fly fishing in general or techniques related to tenkara.   This smiling angler was more specific than most.  He said, “I want to catch a big fish and I want to catch a Brown Trout.”  I promised we’d do our best but ultimately, we’d have to see what the stream offered up.  As fortune would have it, we managed to do both.  The bruiser of a Brook Trout pictured above certainly ticked the first box and the handsome little Brown pictured below was one of a number of his species that we were fortunate enough to get to take a dry fly.   Of course the ultimate goal is to have fun and enjoy time on the water.   I’m happy to say, we met that goal too!


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