Natural Born Fisherman


One of my favorite things about guiding is that I get to meet so many wonderful people.  Amidst all those people, every now and then, I run across someone who is just born to fish.  Their personality, natural inclinations and physical skills somehow draw them to it and make them good at it.  I had the pleasure of spending the day with just such a fisherman (and his great mom) last Wednesday.    He hiked miles, climbed rocks for hours, took his catches and his misses with equal joy and caught some beautiful Brook Trout in the process.  Along with the fishing he took time to admire a fallen butterfly, catch a daddy long-legs and try to grab a salamander for a closer look.   It was a day of fishing as it should be.  Normally I spend a lot of the day giving instruction.   On Wednesday I spent the day being reminded of why I fish and why I love it so much.



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