Taking a Break…

Maybe I should stick to fishing… My mountain bike and I had a disagreement with the Pisgah National Forest and I am happy to report that the forest is intact. Unfortunately, however, the same cannot be said for my collar bone. As a result, I am suspending guiding operations until fully recovered. I’m hoping to be back to fishing around October 1st. As for a return to mountain biking… that will likely depend on the outcome of some serious spousal negotiations. I hope you are all having a great summer. I’ll keep you posted!

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3 Responses to Taking a Break…

  1. David Darling says:

    John, I too have broken my collarbone and now (40 years later) just before it rains I get a tingle/twinge in the once-broken-now-healed area. I was told that it is the drop in barometric pressure.
    Get well soon.
    David Darling (May 2019 guidee)

  2. Terri Cooper says:

    So sorry John! Hope your healing is fast and complete!

  3. Keith Benson says:

    Hope you are healing well!

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